Nice to Meet You Sharon Lashley

Posted on April 5, 2017 at 10:39 AM in News by Sarah Spence

3O0A4516 resizedName:  Sharon Lashley

Company:  Enviro UK Consultants Ltd

Position: Owner and Director

When I’m not working I can often be found…. Preferably in the middle of the countryside although I do spend a lot of time at Washington Wetlands Centre as I am a member there and love to visit this venue

Who has inspired you? For me it has to be key environmentalists and activists like Al Gore and Leonardo Di Caprio and the people who are really making a difference to our planet today, have campaigned in the past for change and who continue to fight to raise awareness of the changing climate and environmental issues.    It’s an incredibly fragile planet we currently live on and it’s important for me as an environmentalist to deliver projects to improve our local and global environment.  It’s a huge challenge for sure and I continue to obtain my inspiration from the many other environmentalists out there.

What three things do you need to be successful in business? For me I consider the 3 main things to be focus, drive and honesty.    Since setting up my business in 2013 I have been completely driven and focussed on the tasks set within my business plan and have worked hard to build up the networks, client base and value offer to my customers.    Building up trust and honesty with clients is to me the most valuable asset to my business as it not only helps me to work well with my clients but more importantly it leads to repeat business.

How do you define success? – It’s a difficult one to quantify in terms of whether you see financial success as the main driver for a business – personally I feel that success of my own business is down to how hard we all work to achieve our goals and objectives.    My personal view of success is when I can see that as an environmental trainer I have succeeded in educating someone in Environmental Awareness or Waste Management and that person goes away from my training with a completely different and clearer view of the Environment, the issues we face and how to combat this and more importantly agrees to make the necessary changes to make a difference.

What is the biggest mistake you ever made in business? – Possibly the biggest mistake everyone makes in business is knowing when to say “No” to a project – it’s a difficult answer to give to any customer but one we all need to consider.

What is your proudest moment? – Winning an award as recognition for the work I did in Energy Efficiency for a Community Group – also winning a large training contract for a local Emergency Services organisation.   It’s always an amazing moment to be recognised for what we do as professionals.

What parts of your job do you find most challenging? – Educating businesses to make the necessary changes for environmental improvements is always a challenge as this area is more often not a priority for organisations.    It’s incredibly important for businesses to realise that the Environment and in particular good and legal Waste Management should be an equal priority for organisations especially as the latter is legislatively driven – businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure their waste is disposed of legally and responsibly – in this age of increased Fly Tipping this is my current challenge!

What do colleagues say is your best quality? – Probably my ability to bring people together either i.e. working collaboratively and achieving much more by joint working.

What do you look for in an employee? – Someone like me who has a real passion for the Environment, wants to work hard and make a difference – another Eco Warrior!

How do you motivate others? – Enthusiasm and respect are key factors when motivating others and it’s important to realise potential in people, help them develop their strengths and work with them to achieve this.

How do you handle criticism? – I don’t mind constructive criticism as it is important to help us develop as individuals and businesses – we should always be striving to improve our services which is why feedback, good or bad, is important to help us continually develop.

Would you rather be liked or respected? – Both of course!   But if I had to choose it would probably be respected for what I do as an individual and most importantly the Environmentalist that I am – we can’t be liked by everyone in such a huge society but I’d like to think that it can be both.

Lastly – your favourite thing about the North East? – Our region is probably one of the friendliest and hard-working regions I’ve come across but my favourite part of the North East is definitely our stunning countryside – we have some amazing places in the North East including amongst others Northumberland and Durham.

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