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Nigel Hudson

1:11 pm from in by James Henderson

The Mussel Club is a key part of Mint Price’s strategy to build brand awareness across the North East.  Networking within the Mussel Club is a great investment of our time.

Bob Evans

4:23 pm from in by Geoffrey Compagnon

Accountants sometimes have a bad reputation on paper, that’s why networking works! The Mussel Club allows me to forge new relationships and promote my business with personality and sincerity.

Angela Carrington

3:26 pm from in by Geoffrey Compagnon

The Bigger Picture has been photographing Mussel Club events for a number of years now and it’s proven to be a fantastic opportunity to get to know local businesses and most of all do business!

Richard Carter

1:07 pm from in by Geoffrey Compagnon

The Mussel Club not only provides an informal atmosphere to meet business people from the local area, but it does so in unmatched style, fantastic food and a well thought-out guest speaker.

David Cook

1:34 pm from in by David Cook

The Mussel Club’s aims are simple. To provide exciting, motivating, social networking events to help businesses create long lasting working relationships via an inclusive business community.

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