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News Connectivity

Connectivity is vital for all businesses regardless of size or sector, and its importance is growing…

We live in a world where anyone with a smartphone has access to data, information and of course knowledge with just with your fingertips. I remember when I was young and next to the books on the shelves were folders and folders of encyclopaedias, you wanted to know something about the Great Wall of China? Look it up. 

This means that customers have more power than ever to intervene, influence and impact transactions, events in real time. Give me a red beret and I’ll shout: ‘Power to the People!’

What does this mean for your business? 

Every business requires strong connectivity to effectively communicate with customers, clients, and employees. 

People are always switched on now, if that’s a good thing or not is a topic for another blog. Your customers are no longer confined to the business hours of yesteryear, 9-5. Although, Dolly Parton singing “working 24/7” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. 

Businesses must address how they communicate, and not just to external parties but their internal communications between colleagues are just as important. The day to day running of your communication determines how well you can deliver your service. 

Being connected has proven to be better for health but it also improves business. Ensure your business reaches out to customers. Make them feel special, that you are authentic with them which in turn will make you trustworthy, reliable, and sustainable. 

From our social lives to professional lives, nearly everything we do is digital. We all know that most people spend a lot of time in front of screens. 

But for a business to succeed, it requires interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence. Whilst digital communication is the quickest and often the most convenient, but there is still much to be said about the importance of face to face connectivity. 

The Mussel Club has been growing businesses connections for over 10 years now and although we live in a digital age there is still much to be said for the importance of real-life contact. 

For a business to succeed, it requires interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence. If your clients and/or your employees don’t feel connected, it can be hard to understand the needs of one another.

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