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News Reliable, affordable childcare within The BIC

Reliable, affordable childcare within The BIC

News Reliable, affordable childcare within The BIC

Juggling work and family life can sometimes be quite a challenge, especially if your children are anywhere between a newborn and five-years-old.

The North East Business and Innovation Centre (in Sunderland) has on-site childcare that's safe, convenient, and affordable. 

'Siblings Nursery at The BIC' first started renting their space in 1994 and since then has provided high-quality childcare and education for children and their families.

A recent study has proven that there are now 4.9 million mothers with dependent children in work, which is almost a third of an increase since 1996 when the figure stood at 3.7 million. 

Childcare can be expensive and if you're unable to find somewhere (or someone) who is close to your place of work, the dropping-off and picking-up adventures can also add to this stress.

Home to 140 companies and with over 1,000 people working on their 14-acre site (plus many more visitors on daily basis), The BIC has designed a wide range of professional conference facilities and meeting spaces to fulfil your business desires. 

Ideal for any size company in a range of sectors, when you rent an area in The BIC they will equip you with ultrafast connectivity, 24/7 secure access, and a mobile app or desk phone with a local number. They believe firmly in giving people the space and facilities they need in order for their business to thrive. 

They are more than just rooms – they will also give you access to a business support adviser who will be on hand to assist you in whichever way you feel necessary. When you work with (and in) The BIC, you can also expect a regular programme of networking events so that you can strengthen your relationships within the community. 

And of course, alongside this, if you do have children aged zero to five, you can rest assured that there is an environment within The BIC that has the necessary facilities and space to look after your little ones as you work close nearby. And it wont break the bank!

To find out more about The BIC, visit their website at, or give them a call on 0191 516 6200.

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