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News The Teesside grad revolutionising recruitment with Artificial Intelligence

The Teesside grad revolutionising recruitment with Artificial Intelligence

News The Teesside grad revolutionising recruitment with Artificial Intelligence

iRecruit IP Ltd, one of the UK’s leading Artificial Intelligence companies have created a cutting edge analysis software set to replace the traditional CV and subsequent recruitment process.

The firm are now in the final stages of developing fully automated recruitment software using both machine learning and deep Artificial Intelligence.

The software phenomena has been created to decentralise the recruitment market, empower job seekers to take control of their earning capability, and encourage people to invest in their careers with competence.

The innovative organisation was co founded in January by a highly experienced team of recruiters and technologists most of whom are decorated veterans.  

The Co-Founding team comprises of Andrew Tihonoff Head of User Experience & design, Richard Jeffs Chief Technical Officer, Thomas Bygott head of AI, George Ford Operations Director and Steve Burns CEO and chief psychologist.

Headed up by Teesside Psychology MSc graduate Stephen Burns, iRecruit are currently developing their highly sophisticated AI which allows candidates to be fully analysed and attributed a psychologically profile ‘Veraciti™’ score.

He said: “Put simply, there’s nothing like it in the world, it is exclusively unique. For the first time AI will replace humans completely in the recruitment industry, we’re extremely excited.”

In addition to a notable group of investors  such as Blake Goddard (SAP), Leycester Powys Keck (tech investor) , Hugh Kimber (Exponia) , Nick Mayo & Ravi Kaushal (infosys)  and from recruitment Tim O'Keefe among others.

The Firms Head of Artificial Intelligence is the Cambridge educated Thomas Bygott, who has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading AI specialists and he has recently been working as Bioninformatics Director at Violition, working on integrating artificial intelligence in cancer research.

Key benefits of the software include the ability to transform your smartphone into your own personal recruitment consultant which not only presents job seekers with opportunities but enables them to negotiate direct with employers and earn more.  

Other features include the cutting edge Veraciti™ score which allows job seekers to constantly invest into their own career and increase their score. 

 There is also the option of enabling our voice based "Leonardo" which can mentor and develop job seekers teaching them commercial disciplines and habits based on successful business leaders.

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