Start a business during lockdown? Leave a 'safe' job of 16 years with a good salary? Yeah! Why not. 


About a year ago I decided I had reached the peak of my employed corporate career and wanted to start my own business. Sounds simple right?  - I thought so.


After spending a few months testing out to business connections the idea of going self-employed the response I received was extremely encouraging. Lift off!


Towards the end of 2019 People Spark Solutions was born but in hibernation until I was able to leave my job with enough finance to get started.


My plan was to start trading in March in full but I decided to sit and wait a little while until the world knew what was going on. Turns out that never happened so while holding my breathe I started trading a little under a month ago. 


If anyone could have told me how much fun and energy I would have I would have done this years ago. Someone once said to me that having your own business is the best and worst thing, so far its been the best!


My business specialises in Learning and Talent Solutions for individuals and organisations who want to learn more about themselves or their teams to help them succeed. I also consult and support businesses with Digital Learning creation, Coaching & Mentoring, and much more!


Half of lockdown for me was low energy, not sure what was going on, to the other half taking the leap and to start trading. I'm up and ready for work much earlier everyday and my energy sustained! I feel great. 


In terms of work my first proposal which was initially approved, then put on hold was a good learning! A second proposal for a further piece of was approved. First invoice sent! :) 


You win some, you lose some!


Almost a month in I have a very busy couple of weeks launching my business virtually, speaking with connections and creating an interim strategy for the next 6 months. 


Just when I thought things couldn't get anymore strange....


2 weeks ago I was approached by a local University to see if I would value a student HR intern for the summer who up until lockdown was studying in Newcastle but has since returned to Germany due to the pandemic. This year couldn't get anymore crazy so I said yes. I am now a team of 2! 


My learnings have been: keep moving, keep talking, stay positive and remember help and support (like this network) are always there.